Discover Our Story

Jon and his twin brother Matt grew up hammering away with a natural talent for building.
As their skills developed they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty as their father Aldo renovated their family home.
Now, all grown up the two sons work side-by-side with custom millwork and creative design and quality craftsmanship.

Our Key Building Material is Integrity


& Restorations

Measure twice, cut once. We pride ourselves in providing best in class service for any size renovation. We believe in doing things right and within budget. We truly care about every project and take the time to understand your desired outcome so you’re more than happy.

Laneway Homes

Vancouver has become an expensive place to live. Laneway homes provide extra square footage for renters or extended family to make the most of your property. Investing in a laneway home can add value to your real estate investment and bring long-term returns. For easy, quality construction, contact us.

Custom Homes

Your home should be your haven, let us help you create your dream come true sanctuary. We have extensive experience in custom homes to bring you superior construction within your budget.