We asked our electrician if he could recommend a contractor, he suggested Jon Pulice. He actually said that Jon cares more about his projects than the clients themselves do.

I found Jon great to work with. We had him completely gut the bathrooms and reconfigure the layout. He was efficient, in fact so efficient that we were ahead of schedule and had to wait for the supplies to arrive. We would highly recommend Jon and his crew for any renovation or new construction project one might have.

I heard some good reviews on the work he was doing, plus I am a distant relative so heard that from family as well. I am so happy with the work that he did. It was completed on time and very close to budget.

“I’m so happy I found Rain City Renovations, and that Jon agreed to take my job (which was relatively small but also a little complicated). My rooftop deck had been leaking for years and we decided it was time to get rid of the crappy original build and do it right. Here is a summary of my experience: – Everything always happened when I was told it would, and the job took only slightly longer than the original estimate. – The workmanship is great. – Jon and his guys are all a pleasure to deal with – Jon always called me back quickly or emailed me when I had questions or requests, and he went above and beyond to humour my anxieties about preventing future leaks. His guys were always friendly and happy to indulge my questions when I popped up to see how things were going. – In the small number of times when things didn’t go quite as planned (really minor things), Jon immediately did everything he could to fix the situation. – Jon always listened to my questions and talked with me logically and truthfully about the options and what he recommended in how to proceed with things. He never blew me off and just did what he felt like, so in the end I feel like I got exactly what I wanted. Overall we had a great experience. There are probably companies that are a little cheaper, but Rain City is well worth what you pay. Now I have a beautiful deck, and even more importantly, peace of mind.

“We had Jon and his team rebuild the front of our home. The job included new porch, steps, railings, decking, door and some front siding. Pre-reno meetings were informative and professional and work was started quickly. Jon and his crew were professional and did quality work in a very resonalbe time frame. The job was design and build and Jon consulted and advised on products and produced a quality look. “